1911, 1921 Census  


1911 Codes

Coding documents have been organized according the portion of the Census Schedule under which they were recorded by the enumerator. The Coding Documents are in Portable Document File format. The Coding Documents can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview.

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Census Schedule Headings

Census Schedule Heading Information

Numbered in the origin of the visitation

Institution Type
Column 1: Dwelling House
Column 2: Family household of habitation

Residence and Personal Description

Column 3: Name of each person in the family
Column 4: Place of habitation
Column 5: Sex
Column 6: Relationship to head
Column 7: Marital Status
Column 8: Month of Birth
Column 9: Year of Birth
Column 10: Age at last birthday

Citizenship, Nationality and Religion

Column 11: Country or place of Birth
Column 12: Year of Immigration to Canada
Column 13: Year of naturalization if formerly an alien
Column 14: Racial or tribal origin
Column 15: Nationality
Column 16: Religion

Profession, Occupation, Trade or Means of Living

Column 17: Chief occupation or trade enumerator's entry
Column 17: Chief occupation or trade coded
Column 17: Occupation: 1
Column 17: Occupation: 2
Column 17: Occupation: 3
Column 18: Employment other than chief occupation enumerator's entry
Column 19: Employer
Column 20: Employee
Column 21: Working on own account


Column 22: Where person is employed enumerator's entry
Column 22: Where person is employed coded
Column 23: Weeks Employed in 1910 at Chief Occupation
Column 24: Weeks Employed in 1910 at Other Occupations
Column 25: Hours Working on Chief Occupation
Column 26: Hours Working Other Occupations
Column 27: Earnings at chief occupation
Column 28: Earnings at Other Occupations
Column 29: Wages per hour

Insurance Held at Date

Column 30: Life insurance
Column 31: Accident or Sickness Insurance
Column 32: Cost of Insurance

Education and Language

Column 33: Months at school in 1910
Column 34: Can read
Column 35: Can write
Column 36: Language Commonly Spoken field 1
Column 36: Language Commonly Spoken field 2
Column 36: Language Commonly Spoken field 3
Column 37: Cost of education
Column 38: Blind
Column 39: Deaf and Dumb
Column 40: Crazy or Lunatic
Column 41: Idiotic or Silly