1911, 1921 Census  


1921 Codes

Coding documents have been organized according the portion of the Census Schedule under which they were recorded by the enumerator. The Coding Documents are in Portable Document File format. The Coding Documents can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview.

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Census Schedule Headings

Census Schedule Headings

Name and Residence

Column 1: Dwelling House
Column 2: Family household of habitation
Column 3: Name of each person in the family
Column 4: Place of abode
Column 5: Name of the municipality

Tenure and Class of Home

Column 6: House owned or rented
Column 7: If rented, give rent paid per month
Column 8: Class of house
Column 9: Materials of construction
Column 10: Rooms occupied by this family

Personal Description

Column 11: Relation to head of family or household
Column 12: Sex
Column 13: Conjugal condition
Column 14: Age last birthday


Column 15: Country or place of Birth
Column 16: Place of birth father
Column 17: Place of birth mother


Column 18: Year of immigration to Canada
Column 19: Year of naturalization
Column 20: Nationality

Race, Language, and Religion

Column 21: Racial or tribal origin
Column 22: Can speak English
Column 23: Can speak French
Column 24: Language other than English or French spoken as Mother Tongue
Column 25: Religion


Column 26: Can read
Column 27: Can write
Column 28: Months at school since September 1, 1920

Profession, Occupation, and Employment

Column 29: Chief occupation or trade
Column 30: Employee
Column 31: Place of occupation
Column 32: Total earnings in past twelve months
Column 33: If an employee, were you out of work June 1, 1921?
Column 34: Number of weeks unemployed in the past twelve months (since June 1, 1920)
Column 35: Number of weeks unemployed since June 1, 1920, because of illness